15 September 2010

Quince Jelly


My friend Sandy had a terrific crop of quince this year, and here are the results! Quince jelly, made at the cabin this week. I must say I am quite proud of myself, nice color, firm jell (I do not use commercial pectin) and the lids all popped down....music to my ears. No wonder I did not mend a quilt this week.

the nights are drawing in and we are lighting the fire. This was a 3 blanket night. Our cabin is not heated or insulated.
Although I generally am not a landscape artist, I could not resist these stormy scenes.

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one of my vintage wedding dresses was featured in an Etsy treasury this week....Moonlight....not an easy theme to get right, but allisb, a talented photographer got it right.

some of my pretty fabric made it to this enchanting treasury... English Country Garden....who could resist.....Dolly Mixture Crafts put this one together

And a lovely 30s quilt featured in a 30s themed treasury, the golden age of quilts in my opinion. Nice selection from SalvationScraps who sells intersesting vintage and upcycled clothing on etsy. All shops are worth taking a peek.


  1. So you did the Jelly? That's so awesome!!

  2. yes...Im quite pleased with myself.

  3. Looks like I'm not the only one who has been busy!! and thankyou so much for your constant encouragement, it really is appreciated.

  4. SalvationScraps16 September, 2010

    very pretty blog!nice post thank you!


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