28 September 2010

acorn day

I came home from a bit of thrifting yesterday to find these young men on my lawn! They are from Urban Forest Associates and were collecting acorns from our prime specimens of 100 year old oak trees. They are going to cold store them over the winter, plant them in pots in the spring, then transplant them in Toronto in spaces where oaks naturally grow. I support this!

I ran upstairs to check my email and found I lovely quilt of mine, embroidered with acorns had been featured in a treasury...acorns were the theme. But now I find that treasury has been removed....no idea why, it was cute.

R gave me 'The Blanket' book a few weeks ago and I have been looking for an old Hudson's Bay label, never thought one would tip up so soon. The blanket needs some attention, I am removing the dirty satin binding, most likely put on in the 50s 60s, then I will wash it and see what happens. The book tells me this label is from around 1930 and was used for a brief period.

Two pretty treasuries this week. Destination....anywhere, everywhere, put together by annalynne who hails from Cleveland....she has a nifty shop.

Apparently its freezing in Europe and anacdesigns was moved to curate this treasury ' The world is freezing over' and added my little mink collar. Ana has some lovely jewelry in her shop, I covet some of her casual bracelets as well as some more traditional but original pieces.


  1. What a strange surprise to come home to! If they had been on my lawn my dogs would have been going crazy, barking at the top of their lungs...

  2. Cute acorn men hanging around your place:) I support their efforts, too.

    Your treasures are wonderful. It's always fun to visit your Blog. Your fur collar reminds me of a set I had when I was a mere child. It came with a muff---remember them? I don't think they even make them anymore.


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