16 September 2010

Tafa news and How can I get all this in there.?

Rachel Biel has done a terrific job setting up the Tafa team blog, do take a peek http://tafateam.blogspot.com/ . Its going to be so informative, fun, intelligent and thoughtful. I am not the most techno savvy person but am going to give it my best shot. Tafa is an amazing site, with a very wide selection of people involved in textile arts of all kinds.....the only problem is you can spend hours and hours browsing the lists.

my son will need the family bassinet by Christmas (yippee!!) so I have to find a new home for some of my yarn stash.......about 1/3 of the stash lives in this cradle. Two likely candidates are a wicker laundry basket I found in the trash about a week ago .....I made my neighbor carry my bowl of salad as we were on our way to a party. And a pretty old sewing basket that I used to use, but is now painted shut as it was in one of the kid's rooms. They both need a bit if work.

some pretty linens I picked up in a thrift shop on the way home from the cabin. All need a bit of work....so I shall add them to my ever growing pile marked 'to be seen to'

its Thursday so it must be Hermes day.....from my collection


  1. Thanks for plugging TAFA! I hope that our new Team will be vibrant and active. So glad to have you on board!

  2. What beautiful pieces Jan. Love the embroideries.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. Yes, the header photo is a billabong or mostly called a lagoon [small bodies of water mostly away and apart from the main riverbed]. It is part of the river that borders the property where we live. This photo was taken late one afternoon when we had a small flood flow. Normally the water is lower and things are not so green. I have altered the photo slightly with the aid of photo programmes. Thank you for taking such an interest in it.

  3. oh, thanks Linda, just what I wanted to know.

  4. Hi Jan,
    I found you on NessaKnits blog - "Vintage Textiles" caught my eye immediately! I collect antique/vintage hand embroidered linens of all kinds, and love to see what other people have in their collections, especially people elsewhere in the world. I just love the three items you've featured on this post, especially the one with the kind of Aztec block pattern on the corner of the white fabric. Are you putting these on your Etsy site, or keeping them for yourself? Guess I should go and have a look!
    Gina in Oz.


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