06 August 2010

Raising the Titanic

I usually take some mending or restoring up to our cabin. This time I sort of missed as I was throwing a 30s quilt onto the dock.....it sank to the bottom of Lake Huron. Next day I organized the dive team (my husband) who donned mask and flippers to search for the quilt. It was akin to rescuing the treasures of the Titanic, but he did it. Above, sodden quilt lying, gasping on the dock.

Next day, recovering on the deck, not too worse for wear. There are many seam separations(from the weight of the water, I think), a few holes/tears in the backing and it will need a recut and rebind, at the moment there is a sweet 30s print back that is folded to the front to bind, I may be able to redo that.
That adventure left me with no textile work (well, I do have some 'car' knitting on the go) so what to do to keep me amused and busy. There are several lovely blogs that I read on what to do with vintage sheets and pillowcases, and I have a cabin full (Pam has another sweet blog) I sorted, photographed and intend to put a few lots up in my etsy shop. Here is a preview.

could't resist the pic of a group of young canoeists who paddled by and sang for me.

As it is Thursday (all right, the day after) it has to be Hermes day. I have many more up on flickrer


  1. Love the vintage quilt and pillowcases.

  2. Well the big ooint of quilts is often their story - this one has an added tale to tail - you should put the story of it's watery rescue on a quilt label!

  3. Jan so happy you were able to rescue that beautiful quilt! Thanks for the sweet mention of my blog - so touched you enjoy it...

    Warm hugs,

  4. Good idea Clare, I will do that.

  5. What an adventure your old quilt had, and a fortunate rescue!

  6. Well done for saving such lovely quilt! Well done husband!

  7. So much history in that old quilt - isn't it gorgeous - a treasure indeed - a treasure to restore and eventually hand on.
    Good on you!!!


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