28 August 2010

80s sweaters

my granddaughter wearing two Patricia Roberts sweaters I knitted in the 8os. top...I believe is called 'smarty pants'. I spent a small fortune on the wool from PRs shop on Kinnerton Street whilst on a trip to London. I made another in white/black/grey fine cotton that I wore with white linen pants. The first time I wore I went to a neighborhood dinner party where another neighbor, and still good friend , spilt red wine all over the entire outfit. I then had to change into our hostess's dressing gown, had a few glasses of wine myself, called another guest 'a narrow minded bigot' and went to sleep on the sofa. That was the end of the black and white number.

Allsorts, again in PR cotton I wore to death...it is almost falling apart but won't give up. I wear it at the cabin.

at the cabin this week.

I popped around to my local LYS, Knit-A-Matic, here in Toronto. Haley is knitting a BICYCLE, that stands out side the door. I will take pics next time I'm out. Do check out the shop blog where Haley also decorated the lampposts!! with knitted collars a few weeks ago .


  1. Hi! thanks so much for the support, thankfully it seems to be over, phew!! I love the view at your cabin, breathtaking!

  2. I'm not a fan of bright color, but I loved my 80s sweaters that had a black background and splashes of color on them. They aren't something that I would wear now, but I loved them at the time.

  3. Ah the '80s those were the days!!! love the jumpers definitely hold on to 'allsorts' - its for life!

  4. Jan, love the sweater with the coloured bobbles, it's really cool. I also love the lovely water scene. Thank you for your support on my blog, I really appreciate the time you take to drop by. Is there any way we can make contact, I may have some fabrics that might interest you.

  5. I remember knitting jumpers like these!
    Thank you for commenting on "birds", you are right, a change is good, but I don't think I could make many of them!

  6. You knitted those sweaters yourself? You definitely had a creative vision!


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