30 November 2010

A wonderful treat

Last week I was browsing my fav blogs and came across this from Magpies Mumblings....I have been reading Mary Anne's blog for some time.

I responded and think that I said that I would be happy to take the magazines off her hands. Not only did she offer to mail them to me, she figured out that her son lived in the same neighborhood and she would get him to deliver them to me when next he came home. As luck would have it Mary Anne's son then asked her if she would like to come into Toronto and go to the 'One of a Kind' show that Saturday and Mary Anne offered to deliver the package herself ---right to my door!!!

A package? how about a big box with over 60 antique magazines from the early 20s to 30s....
Unfortunately I was at the Brickworks that morning, but R was home.
How wonderful is that.....someone I have never met (though we read each others blogs) going out of her way to bring me a gift I love
R said Mary Anne was 'just up my line' .......you bet.

I am having the best time with these magazines. I have limited myself to just a few for now and am reading every word. I may even knit this sweet sweater (love vintage knitting patterns and read them like novels)

I am going through every one with a fine tooth comb....craft instructions, cooking, social etiquette, household hints and all the ads.

Love the hand written notes, also the few pages with the toddler's scribbling, it makes the books so personal.

The illustrations are great and I am learning so much. I shall share more on these pages from time to time.

this weeks etsy news,
from Team Discovery ,any etsy member can post up to 3 items every Tuesday on their blog. A generous gesture.

Jacklom3, who has a pretty vintage shop,used my vintage baby chenille spread in her fun treasury Santa Baby.


  1. That was so sweet of her to take it all the way to your door!
    I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures from these in your future posts! :) x

  2. I'm very glad you're enjoying them! I'm happy that they are in a good home and are being loved.
    btw - when I went to type the word verification it is...mangotme. Hee hee (set off my warped sense of humour!)

  3. Love the vintage baby chenille! So adorable and rare!

    Warm hugs,

  4. wow, what a great find and what a kind lady ... I'm surprised you could get a magpie to give up such a treasure.
    And the seesawing teddies are too cute.


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