27 November 2010

last Brickworks outdoor farmers market for me...this year.

The last outdoor farmers market at the Brickworks this season, and bloody cold and dreary the weather was! But these edible flowers from Cookstown Greens cheered things up.

You might remember these same quilts from last week...still didn't sell.

and Vickies Veggies set up for the day

vintage hunting shirts...

Dawn, at Evelyn's Crackers bought one and donned it right away, a little 50s/60s number from Trois Riviers, Que. Guess what she found in the pocket? 3 bullets.

My first sale was to a charming lady who bought a 40s Persian lamb jacket, needless to say, she kept it on! There was a snow storm halfway through the morning.

Some of the farmers and food producers are moving inside for the winter, but there is limited room for non-food people like myself. The Brickworks is a work in progress, so we shall see how it goes.


  1. Love the hunting jumpers! I have a few of my own that my grandfather owned ....

  2. Edible flowers look lovely - its interesting reading about how cold it is in your part of the world when it's so hot here!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  3. Thank you for your comment:))
    Re baking cloth: my "technical support" in Norway tells me: as big as you want, to cover dough or a pile of buns:)),the one she is making will be 22 - 25 inch square.

  4. The hunting jumpers look lovely and warm! I was in a vintage shop this weekend and saw lots of lovely scarves, thought of you! :) x

  5. Persian lamb---my mother had one somewhat like the one you sold. Love those vintage wool shirts! ha, bullets in the pocket.

    The flowers look beautiful. Keep warm, my friend.

    Where is your e-mail address? I want to e-mail you about my thoughts on Never Let Me Go. Mine is PlacedeLaMadeline@Yahoo.com

  6. A trip to the Brickworks is going on my agenda for next spring. I have to see it for myself because it sounds great.


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