21 November 2010

chilly market

A chilly morning at the Brickworks Farmers Market, the number of farmer vendors is waning and we all snuggle up a bit closer. Used a beautiful pew to drape my quilts and blankets over. Alas....none sold. But all was not lost and several vintage sweaters went to new owners

Some of the volunteers were serving roasted veggies, I had a nourishing snack of greens, hot sweet cabbage/apple compote with sausage!

Emily, wearing her new vintage aran cardi, at Cookstown Greens, the stall next to me (the early bird catches the worm)

Joe, wearing another vintage curling jacket he bought a couple of weeks ago.

This week I put together another etsy treasury, this time using items from Tafa members. From the window is quite elegant, although I say it myself.

Walking through a winter woodland, curated by fibrous, who makes adorable needle-felted items and is a buddy from etsyexpats, featured this pretty 40s50s silk scarf from my shop


  1. Brrrr. It's chilly over here to! Glad you liked the treasury :)

  2. this last textile is very pretty.regards.

  3. Even with the chill, looks like you had a wonderful time! Thank you for sharing!


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