15 November 2010

what to wear to the theater

The geraniums have been taken inside, winter is upon us. These white flowers have been with us for several years, we splurged and bought several plants a long time ago for my daughters wedding and they are still going strong.

This week I am going to the theater to see Eonnagata, directed by Robert Lepage, well known for pushing the envelope.
But, what to wear?
I like to dress up a little bit , I think it shows respect for the performers, but not OTT evening wear.
I would like to wear this,

a beautiful wool and lace skirt from radusport.......I would wear it with a black silk T or a small cashmere sweater.

As we generally go downtown on the subway a cozy coat is in order, from Vigilante Labs would suit me.

and some comfy hand made shoes from Lunashoesuk

Most likely I shall wear my good old black suit with some interesting jewelry and one of my shawls ...as usual.

This autumn I have seen some exceptional theater here in Toronto.
The ever popular and so talented Ronnie Burkett bought his latest show Billy Twinkle to town. Ronnie is well known on the festival circuit and some of you in Scotland and Australia may have seen him.
As I am a Robert Lepage fan I made a point of seeing The Anderson Project, starring Yves Jacques....fantastic!
A lovely evening of piano, lecture and tour at The Royal Ontario Museum, tied in with their Chopin exhibition. Janina Fialkowska played. I normally am rather down on the ROM (much, much too expensive, ordinary families cannot afford to go) but this event was delightful, 7pm till about 9pm, just what I like.
A Sunday afternoon at Hughs Room to hear Jenny Whitley, a charming folk and blue grass singer.

Linda got the week is off to a good start with my pretty vintage sari being featured in a charming treasury From Hippie to Fashionista, Linda lives in Florida and has two lovely etsy shops.


  1. I love the last piece of fabric on this blog, FrenchFabrics x

  2. I like those choices but the coat and shoes are my best. Glad Linda used your Sari fabric I keep going back to look at it so pretty

  3. Thanks Jan, there is a definite hint of Christmas in the air!!

  4. Great choices of clothes, I especially adore the coat though! :) x

  5. Hi Jan
    Thanks for popping over to my blog. We will have to check out English Heritage next time we plan an outing in the winter months. Perhaps we will be a little luckier.


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