22 October 2010

Fabric widths and finds. Hermes day!

The foliage is so bright it is almost blinding, I keep glancing out as I know the colors are fleeting.

But, to turn my attention to some new finds. These two fabrics have unusual widths . Above 28" wide, beautiful quality, smooth cotton. Usually I would think 1900 or before but this somehow looks more modern. Could it be eastern European? or from somewhere there might be an old mill/loom still working? more research to be done, I think its the colors that are throwing me.

Chinese fabric, mentioned in last post,
silk/rayon mix I think. 29" wide.

Unfortunately I only have one selvedge side on this lovely weave. The back has over floating warps (sorry, I am not a weaver, so please, anyone correct me) that obscure dirty mauve, dusky lilac and muddy sage narrow stripes. Gorgeous weight and hand, sure its silk. No idea how old it is, the colors are very similar to this.

Friday, so it must be Hermes day. This one is called 'clips'.


  1. The colours are the best thing about autumn. I love the Chinese fabric!
    Thanks for visiting:)) I will look out for your 200th post!

  2. Guessing about the top one ...sheeting?


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