20 October 2010

adventures in mending

A pretty 30s 40s quilt that I shall call 'laurel leaf' , Barbara Brackman, where are you when I need you! There were several appliqué leaves with heavy surface wear and tear. A simple job to re apply,even for me.

I cut a template using a watercolor painting my son in law had left at the cabin, not sacrilege as he left a huge pile.
Then I assembled some 30s prints from my stash, mostly from the backs of other quilts, I tried to choose unassuming colors that would not stand out. Cut out several and basted the edges. Nearly all are appliqued now.

One of the scraps had this written on the edge, think it reads A. Haap....it came from this quilt that I resized a week or so ago. I cut it into a label and stitched it in its rightful place.

Another quilt I am going to work on. 'Farmers Puzzle' or 'Virginia Reel' is a difficult sell, for me, as it looks so much like a swastika, though, of course it is a much, much older motif. This quilt has ugly 4" rebinds on 3 sides and a bit of surface wear near the edges. But the blocks seems to float of the edges. I plan to remove the bindings and reassess the situation. I may resize and rebind in a color or print. I am not a purist and sometimes find that a print somehow brings the whole piece together visually. This will have to wait untill next year as it is stored at the cabin. R is closing it up today.

Another bashed up quilt on the line. Not sure what will become of this, probably should not have bought it, but I couldn't resist this sacking on the back.
Thrifting find this week was a vast amount of Chinese fabric. It took two of us to wind it into a bolt, about 30 yards! fabulous taupe with rust woven chrysanthemums. (the rust is the back). Again, not sure quite what I am going to do with it.


  1. Absolutely beautiful and I am so in awe of you taking them on to repair ... truly wonderful.
    Very best wishes,

  2. What amazing treasures, they are going to look utterly fabulous.
    Swastikas are actually an ancient Hundu peace symbol, at least a thousand year old. Hitler reversed it to use as a symbol of hatred. Wherever you travel in India you see them used in textiles and painted on houses. xx

  3. OMG, you are so talented! Can't wait to see what you're going to do with the new fabric :)


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