28 October 2010

a bit chilly

Lovely colors on the doorstep this morning as I went to get the paper......but, oh boy! was it chilly.
I began thinking about what to wear....just right for tweeds.

So I went to my favorite etsy shop 13threads and found this neat coat

and some shoes that look just right for me from HydraHeart.

followed by a gorgeous skirt that is just me (if I lost a few pounds) from Couvert, who is from Poland

and for good measure the super cozy recycled pillow from EmmaDear. below

A pretty 50s quilt top from my shop was featured in this treasury also with a chilly theme, 'Goosebumps', put together by ohthisnose, check out her shop.

I was thrilled to have a link to one of my vintage scarves in this interesting blog analyzing the fashions in Mad Men!


  1. Ooh, nice collection! Love that grey coat, off to check out some more...

  2. I love your shopping selections!

  3. I really do love it. Wow, that skirt is absolutely mind blowing! :) Thanks for including my pillow cover!

  4. Super outfit, love the grey colour!

  5. right... if only I could wear them.

  6. Thank you so much for including my coat in your gorgeous selection. Love that little skirt too! Lots of beautiful tweeds available at the moment but just not enough time to sew with them all. The colours at your front door are stunning! However, grey is dominating the Edinburgh sky at the moment. Have a lovely weekend.

  7. I want the skirt and those shoes!!

  8. I love that whole grey collection! Very nice!


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