13 October 2010

The end of summer is near

The humming birds have left and we have taken down the feeder. I miss the little buggers zooming about like the Luftwaffe. How these tiny creatures fly to Costa Rica is beyond me.

Two pictures, at different times of day...the color is completely untouched by me.

Thanksgiving 2010.

I stuck my hand into the stash cupboard and randomly pulled out this lot. Fine cotton, made in Denmark. But, what the hell did I knit with it? My mind is a complete blank! Early 80s? Must have been a Patricia Roberts or Sasha Kagan little number given the fine weight and several colours.

Finally, I can get round to thanking the special people who featured some items from my etsy shop in their treasuries last week.

A rust quilt top in 'warm and wonderful' a cozy, but not predictable collection from JustOneLook. Linda is a prolific treasury maker with great communication skills. Its not too late for those batik bellbottoms... check out her shop.

One of my higher end quilts got attention is this sweet treasury 'cute and adorable' put together by Billierosen, she lives in Panama and makes lushious, bold, summery jewelry.

Next up was a simple, yet most effective pink treasury, put together to draw attention to breast cancer awareness week. A topic that speaks to and touches most women...including me. My mother died of breast cancer and my sister has had a mastectomy (11 years ago and doing just fine). So I am especially grateful to underanewlight for putting this together. The very pretty look of Pink spread the Hope, is reflected in this charming jewelry shop.

Finally, an amazing,imaginative treasury from Radusport, who comes from Romania. Do take a look at this fascinating collection 'Princess Zora in her Paris apartment' and take a peek at the shop.

Thank you, one and all.


  1. Beautiful photos! Love the quilt.

    We too have hummingbirds here in Northern California - guess I need to research when we need to take down our feeders too. Our inside cat loves watching them by the kitchen window.

    Warm hugs,

  2. Hi Jan, thank you for nice words about my store. You have so many great items and I love your blog photos too. I enjoy looking at humingbirds too--they are amazing little critters.

    I used to live in Toronto (for 4 years) before I moved to Panama and my hubby is Torontonian too.

  3. Wow the colours of the landscape are truly amazing. We are into spring here so there is an abundance of new growth and flowers and blossoms everywhere.

  4. beautiful scenic images. How long before it's all covered with snow?


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