15 October 2010

Made by (Myrtle)

I picked up a quilt this summer that needed quite a bit of work, at least 30% of the seams had separated. Bad thread I suppose. As I set about to mend it I found this note pinned to the back 'grandma (Myrtle) Buchanan made this'. I would like to copy this onto fabric and stitch it to the back, but, for now, it is pinned in a ziplock bag.

and what fabulous fabrics I found as I stitched along.
novelty prints of all kinds, a red and white striped jersey.
cowboys, dogs and Dutch characters.
The green floral has a sateen finish, just right for a party dress.

print back as well.
adorable bird cotton, rough weave cotton.
more party prints, lots of different textures. The ginghams were amazing with a wonderful depth of color, chartreuse, deep navy, raspberry, chocolate and more, perhaps they came from a sample kit.
and whats this bright, deep pink? I imagine Man is Manitoba, on other patches I found a printed C and 700 or was that 00L?
Although I am not a very good seamstress, more a paramedics assistant than a quilt doctor I had such a lot of fun with this 30s - 40s tied quilt. Myrtle had a great eye, love her use of stripes throughout.

Sam has used a vintage silk scarf from my shop in her fun treasury. Missing home and feeling patriotic......she lives in Barcelona now and makes bright fun stuff. I specially like the new handmade Christmas (or other) ornaments in her shop, and the price is right! Do look.


  1. Awwww thanksfor the lovely comments Jan :) Fab blog...I am now a follower ;)

  2. What a wonderful quilt. I have one to repair too, but I haven't done it yet.

  3. What an interesting quilt:)) It is good that someone has repaired it and it lives on!

  4. What an amazing quilt, some of those vintage fabrics are truly mesmerising. xxx

  5. Hi Jan, what a fantastic treasure to find, it's amazing. Thanks for your comment, it summed up perfectly my reaction!!invitations???? I heard it mentioned, i didn't say yes or no, I cringed and said ''well I don't really do paper'' and then through my fear I think I heard pleading!!! Karen

  6. Yes you are a quilt doctor! Thanks for bringing this one back to life...

    Warm hugs,

  7. I especially love that fabric with the deco looking pink bird! :) Thanks for sharing this wonderful quilt! (And good job repairing.)


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