24 October 2010

A weekend with no market

Those of us who have wonderful fall/autumn colors can't resist showing them, even if it is from the bathroom window.

No market for me this weekend, so I hung up a couple of quilts, that had not seen the light of day for years, to air.
Yvonne and Danny went looking for me at the farmers market. They called me and came over to buy some blankets. I am very picky about who I invite to the house and mini-warehouse (my garage, you can see it in the background) Y and D are such a sunny, open couple it was fun to have them over.

Another visitor that morning was the Toronto artist, Joshua Kalfa, who sometimes uses a textile component in his sculptures. One of the many benefits of my line of work and interests is that it does bring you into contact with many talented and intriguing people. I have known Josh for many years now and he carried off some lovely antique blankets.

What a lively treasury this is! I was happy to have my vintage scarf featured. Do take a peek, its so pretty.


  1. Gorgeous view from your bathroom! The light and the colours are just amazing.

  2. What a great window for a bathroom, the shutters are so pretty and the view is fantastic! :) x

  3. I wish my bathroom had a window with that shape and that view. Stunning.


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