03 October 2010

markets and garden

My booth yesterday at my favorite farmers market, the Brickworks in Toronto. As last week, I was lucky that there were some logs stacked at the back and I was able to fling quilts over them.
I had a reasonable day, the market runs 8 am - 1pm, so I am home by about 2.30. Sold quite a few wool blankets, Hudson's Bay and from Ontario mills. Also the 19th century Irish chain variation (top right on rack) found a new home, I will miss this quilt as not only is it attractive, it was light, and had many interesting fabrics and features that made good a very good example for my customers to see when I talk about antique quilts.I shall have to find another to take its place.

some quilts from the 1930s.
most of the blankets at the bottom sold. Thankfully I have a pile more.

The Grainstorm vendor looks happy in his work.

the turnips are artfully displayed.

Love the sedum in my garden this time of year. Perhaps I should not tell this story in a public forum, but about 15 years ago I was visiting my sister in Kent...conversation goes like this
me...whats this plant?
S... Oh, you remember, it was in Nan's garden at 29 Pownell Road (east end of London, now, sadly demolished)
S...Uncle Joe dug it up when they left the house (the residents were re-located to Essex) and bought it down to Mum's (south east Kent) it took really well. so I planted some cuttings here when Mum died.
me...I should like some
So the next day, when I was leaving for the airport, S took a cutting, dipped it in rooting stuff, wrapped it in damp newspaper and popped it in a plastic bag.
I planted it in my garden in Canada and after a few years establishing itself, the sedum flourished. My son and daughter have it in their gardens, my daughter in Yorkshire has some, my now married niece and nephew grow it also back in London.
I love the idea that it came from the dirty east end of London (it was called a slum, but anyone who came from there knows different...it was a caring community)
It is though my grandparents (dead for 50 years, my parents also) are still caring and thinking about us, and their love for their family and the warmth I feel for them even now still flourishes in this plant.

Our dogwood at the back of the yard has produced fascinating fruit this year. I love the texture.


  1. Jan~ beautiful. I love that you have a cutting from an original plant. who knows how long that seed has been around and cultivated? To save something that could have gone extinct is just magic.

    Jan, oooh, thanks for mentioning "the" book in your Blog comment that you left! I'd forgotten that I wanted to read Never Let Me Go but didn't get to it. I've put it on reserve at the library. I might need your telephone number in case of nightmares:)

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog. It nice to meet you :)

  3. Really nice post ... I love to see the pictures of the markets in Toronto as I so seldom get there, and it looks like you had a great day. What a great story about the sedum, my sister (in Nfld) has poppies brought back by my mother to Nfld after the war, that re-seed and re-seed. It is amazing how much of that actually has happened. And what a lovely, interesting dogwood ... I don't know if I have ever seen anything like it! Have a great week and Thanksgiving.

  4. The market looks lovely, glad it went well for you!

    Lovely plants as well! :) x

  5. Hi Jan,
    To answer your question on my blog: I'm doing my two markets every other week now (caring for Mom still so just don't have time to do two weekly markets right now). Fill in with craft show events too. Markets haven't been too good for me lately - here in Northern California our unemployment rate is so high people are really cutting back on unnecessary purchases it seems. Although if you are a chenille lover like some of my recent buyers you always find extra $ to purchase a sweet vintage item. Are people still purchasing there in Canada at your markets? You can email me at WarmHugsDesign@att.net if that works better for you...

    Warm hugs,


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