02 October 2010

Renewing a quilt and more

A day or so at the cabin, where it is getting quite chilly. I took this simple 1930s 9 patch to see what I could do ...it was a bit of a mess. I decided to just cut both end s that were a wreck and rebind, turning the back fabric over (the original had backing bias bound) I lost about 8-9" overall in length, but I didn't care. Its my kind of quilt, scrappy, geometric, 99% prints, even the sashing. Lovely feedsack nile green floral print. I learn a lot as I sew and handle the cottons.

1900 (or there abouts) firm woven check in very subtle shades, dusky mauve and dirty lilac. A far better quality than the green backing and the charming 30s lilac tree print below.

just to make you jealous, here is October 1st, on Lake Huron.

I've done really well in the treasuries this week. An 80s fur jacket was featured in 'nice to meet you.....or maybe its not you. This is quite the cleverest treasury I've come across, you have to read the comments! It was curated by just one look........check out her batik bell bottoms (if they haven't all ready sold) This expat, now living in Florida also used my

bird fabric in farmland to woodland....Linda sure has been a busy girl this week.

Some ivy print cotton (actually I don't think it was this one) was used in black and green, a sophisticated list from moonandlion , I knew this was European as soon as I saw it. indeed M&L lives in Mallorca. She has some super linocuts in her shop that I am rather keen on.

a vintage sari of mine was used in just a few of my favorites....put together by uniquenique. This was her first treasury...don't you think she has done a cracking job? She makes unusual and original jewelry.

well, its the end of the week so we have to have an Hermes day, this is one of my favorites .from my collection.


  1. Great to have you blogging again for our reading pleasure :) I really like the work you took on that quilt. Oh how I would love to quilt... but first I need to learn some sewing ;) Thanks for the mention. Take care, have a great weekend!

  2. UniqueNique02 October, 2010

    Great to see you blogging again and love the quilt. Thanks for the mention too. Have a great weekend

  3. Jan I love that you renew old quilts. I haven't tackled this feat yet but am so in awe of you now...and yes, I'm jealous of the lake cabin too...

    Warm hugs,

  4. Love the pictures-and I would love a lake cabin as well.

  5. Wow, you are always in so many treasuries. Great work! I also like the quilts you posted and it's nice to know you renew them.


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