10 October 2010

Disaster strikes

Some of you remember this blog from the summer, well, this week R dropped the computer into Lake Huron. This is Canadian Thanksgiving week end and everything is closed tight till Tuesday , so I am using a borrowed computor....and she (the machine) and I are not getting along very well.

A beautiful, sunny day for me to be selling at the Brickworks farmers market. Alas, I only sold one quilt, the little 30s blue work, seem peeking out top right. It is a beautiful quilt with expert embroidery, the finest, neatest stem stitch, almost like a pen and ink drawing.
But, I sold some vintage cowichan sweaters and 'smalls'... tea towels,hankies, scarves.

A surprise, to me, was that several people mentioned my blog, or my etsy site. One charming couple told me they had found this page and come to see me, through Judy Martin, a talented textile artist from Manitoulin Island, not to far from me, whose work I follow. Judy writes and photographs an addictive blog as well.
I suppose I should not be surprised as this is a public site, it points out the power of the net!

Here is Dawn from Evelyns Crackers (my passion, the best crackers in the world and named after their daughter)) in the coldest spot, although it was a lovely day the wind howled through the north end; I was opposite! and also cold all day.

and Ruth from Montforte dairy, check out her site, the dairy has a fascinating story.

My neighbors at the market, Bizak Farm, fortunately for me they always have tasting baskets well to the fore!


  1. dear lady, there IS a story in the sad demise of your computer. They don't seem to take to the water as easily as ducks, do they?

    Great news on the blue quilt being sold to a new caretaker.

    Lucky you, so close to organic crackers and delicious cheese.

  2. Are you serious? Your computer is really atthe bottom of the lake??? I'm so sorry. I would just cry big fat tears if that happened to me! Sorry you didn't sell more quilts but everyone has a slow day from time to time. I guess lots of people are more careful with spending their money these days on things that aren't a real necessity. Hopefully business will pick up SOON for everybody!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you! My boss is Canadain, she sure had a wonderful meal!

  4. Sorry to hear about the computer. Thanks for coming to visit :-)


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