13 October 2011

Gingerbread Men

Look what arrived yesterday, all beautifully packaged...

my adorable new Christmas tree ornaments from The Gingerbread Mama.....all the way from sunny Spain. (my pics are not as good as the ones in the shop, I took them right away on the hall table).

Are they not cute?
Sam has another etsy shop....Sam's Shenanigans....lots of bright, colorful handmade items there as well......may I add, ever so reasonable.

I was impressed by Sams professionalism.....lovely business cards, lavender in the package and beautiful handwriting.
Oh...and a blog too.....
thanks Sam.


  1. oh how cute! They will look so fun on the tree.

  2. They are very cute. I love their little smiles :)

  3. Very sweet...but not helping me convince my daughter that Christmas is a long way away and therefore no need to talk about, make lists for nor shop for...until December!! These are now on the list!


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