30 July 2011

this weeks quilt

This quilt needed a fix, the borders were very tattered and a few squares were disintegrating. I set about this task but my heart was not in it...quite frankly, the quilt did not do it for me. I chopped off about 4" from one end...big mistake!

underneath was a much more exciting quilt.....very, very worn, but exciting nevertheless. Lots of fabulous fabrics, including a rusty red (not turkey red)

fabulous homespun or Alamance cloth back, nice baptist fans quilting. Back or front will make lovely primitive toys.

Then I began to look at the tied top quilt again, it must have been vibrant at one point. Lots of vivid greens, not the dreary thing I thought it was....see how much it had faded.

and I found just one damaged square of this very old Lancaster blue cotton.

I'm not sure quite what I am going to do with this piece and I didn't have another quilt to work on so I made red currant jelly from the fruit in our garden. The jamming equipment is kept at the cabin and I will make another batch next week.


  1. Ooh, the hidden quilt looks very interesting...could it work as a hanging in it's own right?

  2. Fascinating to find the hidden quilt. Someone surely recycled it to provide warmth in the following quilt. Recycle, reuse....

  3. It's fascinating what you will find under a layer of quilt. It's kind of like a painting under a painter--myserious--must have been a legend in it's day! :-)

    I made peach preserves--that jelly looks wonderful.

  4. under quilt is VERY worn, I think it could work as a hanging for me....

  5. amazing ! just imagining a mother or mil passing on that quilt to a newly wed as a 'spare' and it being upcycled into something new!...

  6. hi-

    I came across after seeing your quilt on the sidebar of another blog and your first line did make me smile-
    how often my heart has not really been in a re-work job because I'm not "in love" with the fabric, and without that buzz of enthusiasm to add to the history of something thats inspired you, the end result, however competent never quite looks right does it?!

    Such a bonus when there's another beauty underneath just waiting to be discovered!

    A while back I bought an unfinished quilt which was SO much more expensive than I normally pay, but I was really drawn to it.

    Backed with silk, when I spread it out the silk shattered as it saw the light to reveal the paper templated still in situ- lawyers receipts from the early 1800s.
    My heart leapt with joy and I display it template side uppermost!


  7. How exciting!I have recently 'deconstructed' a few very damaged quilts to reveal the multiple layers, it is so thrilling to think of the history of each layer! Lois x


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