01 July 2011

Rescue work

Three rescued quilts airing on the grass after the mini flood in my garage/warehouse.
Top right is a 60s farmhouse number with some polyester, but it is still quite handsome. Left a pretty 70s biscuit qtuil, not much wrong with this at all and it is already up on etsy.

and a super 19th century wool 'fans' a little damage but it shows well.

Three large chintz panels curtain hanging on the line....they are fine.

and a box of European linens, I had to re-wash them. I certainly have been working hard this week!

Currently I'm sorting a big basket of trim, ribbon and braid....Grrrr. I think I am coming to the end......


  1. Oh, the chintz panel is divine!

  2. oh Jan seems you have saved a lot of your wet stock.. that's good. Sorry about all that hard work!♥

  3. What a pain for you, looks like you've had a busy time of it but glad you have been able to save your stock.
    Lovely quilts and fabrics though!
    Gill xx

  4. I especially like those linens. Very nice!

  5. You have been hard at work ;) I just love the fan quilt x

  6. washing eh...seems to be plaguing us all!!

  7. I'm happy to hear you were able to salvage everything, but what a pain. I love that fan quilt.

  8. Sorry about the added work that caused. The quilts look
    so great.

    Happy summer. XOxo


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