21 July 2011

its too darn hot....

Like a lot of bloggers today I am complaining about the heat. 38 degrees today with a humid X of 49...I think that must be near 120.
I got up at 5am to pick my daily supply of raspberries...yum yum.

The heat is driving me indoors, at least I am listing a load of items on to my etsy shop.
I am trying a new line of antique, somewhat primitive pieces of fabric, mostly rescued from quilts. I have not sold anything so far, but quite a few views.

This Alamance? cloth from inside a 1900s quilt
The Stifel cotton I blogged about here.....

and about 80+ indigo resist squares from a quilt I unpicked a few weeks ago.


  1. How very nifty. I'm not a quilter, but admire those who do and their quilts so very much. I thought of you the other night while watching a TV program where someone brought in an antique piece of cloth that turned out to be a print of images of Lafayette. Wow. So cool!

  2. Love the fabrics, good luck with your sales..yummy raspberries and wish you could send some heat our way, only 16C here yesterday :(

  3. Yes, it is so very hot. Saskatchewan never gets this hot! Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog. Have a lovely summer.
    Sherry Wray Studio


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