09 July 2011

mending this week

This is the pile of mending I took to the cabin this week...needless to say I did not get very far and only neatened up the two embroidered bedspreads.

I must say, the 20s spread came up a treat in the strong Ontario sunshine

Somewhere in the depths of the cabin I came across this 19th century quilt......even I would not have bought anything in this condition, looks like a load of squirrels got at it. . The 9 patch blocks are 31/2" square!. I set to work unpicking it, not, necessarily, in the hope of rescuing some of the tiny blocks, but more for the experience of handling the fabric, grain sack back, odd pieces of material and a hand woven blanket inside, looking at the colors, dyes and even the threads. A well spent afternoon.

For this summer I have chosen a 30s reversible quilt for my bed at the cabin. I am enjoying the prints, many printed feedsacks, hope I don't spill my coffee all over it.

I will get to the other quilts next week....rebinding is in order.


  1. Wow, the feed sack quilt on your bed is terrific! Just think of the lady going to the store with her husband to pick out which feed sack to buy so she could get the patterns she wanted. What a great piece of history.

  2. That quilt reminds me of my youth.. more than 50 yrs ago.. such cozy feelings.. there was a quilt similar to this in the summer place we went to where my grandfather had lived and was a judge..A lady on that street made me a small quilt for my doll's bed.I still have it.. it looks like many fans..

    I have 2 older red and white quilts that are stained and worn..maybe 70 yrs old plus plus..

    My one extravagance when I had my 2 daughters..was to have a quilt made ..for each one.. the pattern looks like Holly Hobby..all hand stitched..I paid $150.00 each more than 30 yrs ago..You have no idea how I saved for those..money was tight..

  3. Wow, I love that 20's spread. Just gorgeous.

  4. Lucky lucky you! Wow those quilts!

    Sarah x

  5. The quilt on your bed looks fun, but I simply adore the 20's spread...stunning!

  6. How colorful and fun the quilt on the bed is. Hope all is well and you have a great time at the cabin.
    What are you reading? I've been painting so haven't had much time for erading but I'm looing for a good book.

    Madeline xoxo

  7. Anonymous11 July, 2011

    Always glad you come by the blog and say Hello!

    I love that top quilt with the flower basket. Too pretty!

  8. Hello over there.... :o) !!

    THANKS so much for popping in....I'd SWAP you a ladder for the FABULOUS quilt you have on your bed at the cabin if were just a TAD closer.... :o) !!

    Have a WONDERFUL weekend when it rolls around to your side....!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  9. Just love that patchwork quilt on your bed, been looking for one similar for a while now...


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