19 July 2011

last weekend at the cabin

In my usual fashion I show this weekends mending, the quilts I did not get around to last week.

A quite delightful 19th century flying geese, all sorts of faded double pink calicos and a tiny scale. I had to remove the top and bottom borders, but did not feel so guilty as they had obviously been cut down at an earlier date. I folded the white backing to the front to bind. It is still a little fragile and shattered in parts but I think it works well.

Not quite as successful was the rebind of this very faded 1930s star quilt. I used a traditional English chintz... it was what I had to hand. It does draw attention to the quilting though.

The spare bed needed a much lighter cover (previously used a 70s Laura Ashley duvet set). This 40s woven coverlet, a bit damaged, is not quite right for a simple Canadian cabin, but the weight is right and it will have to do until something else turns up. Fascinating weave....

Lastly, although I am not a landscape photographer I could not resist this Friday night moon rising above the lake.


  1. That's a great landscape picture! I adore all the quilts you show. I used to make lots of quilts, until I got caught up in 18th century sewing. I have lots of fabric in my closet waiting to become quilts.

  2. What a lovely image of the sun and lake. And, what a wonderful place to be to work on your quilts.

  3. Agreed, the picture makes me want to have seen it in real life!

    Kate x

  4. You have the most gorgeous collection of quilts, so nice. Tam x

  5. What a great place for your cabin and I always love to see those fabulous faded quilts from the 20's and 30's

  6. Anonymous20 July, 2011

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog (mrsrunofthemills.blogspot.com)
    It's always interesting to see someone new.
    I love old textiles too, but sadly can no longer afford to buy them, so get pleasure vicariously through blogs such as yours.
    But just love that moon rising photograph, beautiful.

  7. Sunset and quilts are beautiful!

  8. That lake looks gorgeous! I want to be there as well :)

  9. Wow the moon over the water - how lovely....

    Sarah x

  10. I enjoy seeing the faded beautiful quilts that you are restoring.
    Wonderful work.


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