01 August 2011

Scarf day

Out thrifting this morning, as usual on the scarf hunt. Alas, no Hermes or Liberty, but I am delighted with these two.

Unusual souvenir from the Bahamas printed with the Bahamian dollar and British currency, all dated 1967. Designed by Thirkall of London.

A bold 50s? cowboy scarf...not pristine, but the graphics make me smile.


  1. Ooohh, I like the cowboy one. Would look great as a cushion.

  2. you and I must think alike, I had a great haul on the weekend, a shoebox of scarves, not many 'finds' but a few, all need laundry and iron, what a scrunched up mess, reckon they were in that box in a robe for 10 years or more. Will get them sorted and photographed for a blog.

  3. Beautiful scarfs..a great find!


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