12 August 2011

an unusual quilt

An unusual 1930s quilt with eau de nile sashing and backing and deep rose pink feathered wreath quilting was my mending project this week at the cabin.

I rebound two ends and mended a tear, soaked it in a bucket, hung it out and then rinsed it with a garden hose.

Need not have bothered rinsing as it was such a stormy, gusty, rainy week. The quilt was filthy when it arrived with lots of marks , but it sure is clean now.

and, another blanket label to add to my collection.


  1. That quilt is gorgeous.
    Tell me that your parcel arrived.I sent 2 parcels on the same day and the one to UK didnt get there please tell me yours did.

  2. oh I love the simple lines of that one!!♥

  3. It's beautiful! You can see from the photos the quality--and I love the color! Hanging in the fresh air does wonders for fresh laundry :-)

  4. what a beautiful quilt!


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