06 August 2011

my new favorite quilt

My very favorite quilt has to go. Not away for ever, but moved from its spot on the day bed in the gazebo. I love the 30s eau de nil color, the plain shoo fly blocks, the fact that every block was pieced in a shirting or check and the simple, traditional 'baptist fans' quilting.
It has been loved almost to death.

I took these two to the cabin to fix, both a no brainer. The blue' bow tie' , in an unusual set, was very frayed at the edges. As there was a wider binding, about 2", I was able to make a new knife edge, this took considerably longer than I had anticipated.
The 1930s nile green and pink star had a bright pink binding, also very frayed and I had to remove it, a shame, as it set off the quilt nicely. I bound it to the back as there was plenty of green at the edge and not so much of the white backing.

The family had the choice of either fixed quilt to replace the old favorite. They chose another nile green, Perhaps they were fond of the old 'shoo fly' well

As it happens a new favorite has just come my way, just washed and on the line in the city. Again, I love the simple stars, every one in a striped shirting and the plain grid quilting.
I admire many complex and beautiful vintage quilts, but this is the sort that really speaks to me.


  1. Wouldn't you just love to see these quilts being made and the people making them!

  2. Aren't they beautiful and very soft I imaginexx

  3. I hate it when something gets so old I can't use it anymore without it tearing...I develop those kind of relationships with things that take care of me....lovely looking into your blog!

  4. Oh I so admire you breathing life into these beauties. Congratulations, your work is stupendous :)

  5. I love seeing quilts like these being loved.

    The colours in these particular ones are so gentle, and like you, I love the shirting stripes and checks. One imagines that they were chosen as reminders of men in the maker's life.

  6. I can see it was hard to say good bye to the favourite, beautiful colours. I do love the star quilt too and it will make a lovely replacement.

  7. Ah Jan, another sigh after reading and seeing your lovely quilt photos. Please keep sharing as it makes my day to see these beauties. Bless you for restoring them!

    Warm hugs,


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