17 August 2011


Going through my somewhat vast stash of antique quilts that obviously would never sell, the mending or restoring is a bit too much and they would be better off unpicked and recycled. A couple of weeks ago I came up with this.

Yesterday I tackled a 1930s tied quilt that was damaged on the front, the batt had shifted and it was quite lumpy. Ended up with the back, which is 4 printed feedsacks sewn together which should launder nicely. The hand sewn top will be put aside for now, perhaps I can get a 'lot' together to sell in my etsy shop

This morning I started on a 19th century piece that had been backed and edged with very heavy 20s 30s upholstery rayon? fabric. The top is stained, I hesitate to wash it because of the rayon (besides, I can hardly lift it) but perhaps the indigo and turkey red cotton will come up. I shall try soaking the upholstery fabric separately .

What have we here? It seems to be stuffed with old (30s 40s?) shirts... very dirty too. I'll let you know what else I find.

next up, a 19th century 'tumbling blocks' quilt with two gaping holes and a nice 'mourning print' back.

It should yield some interesting fabric......

and give a me a bit more room on the shelves.


  1. How interesting to find the old shirts inside the quilt!

  2. I love the reds and blues in the second picture, and the way the squares have been out together. It must be quite painful to unpick even one stitch - I'd be terrified! x

  3. Taking old quilts apart - big job depending on how they were finished. Tied or quilted? Always an adventure.
    - Joy

  4. I love rescuing old quilt tops. It makes me feel good to give them a new start. Thanks for sharing your passion.

  5. My mum used to find unpicking items very therapeutic! I hope you do to!? I just wish I had the patience.

  6. yes, I find unpicking a relaxing 'downtime' activity

  7. I am doing the same at the moment, the fingers are hurting from the snippers, but I am finding some amazing fabrics, they are telling me a story as I go.
    The ones so far are coming up nicely after a soak and a press.

    The red and blue one is nice...

  8. Like a treasure hunt opening up some of these old quilts. You've been so busy.

  9. Love the tumbling blocks quilt - such fun colors!

    Warm hugs,


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