20 June 2011

what I bought at the vide greniers

I know this is a bit late but some of my dear readers wanted to see what I bought at the vide greniers I went to last month whilst in France.....sooo....here are a few pieces....

A box of large, heavy French silver plate cutlery, R loves it because of the nice big scale....note the ladle. I must research the silver marks. From Bach.

My absolute prize, 5 choir boys robes from Caylus, 5 euros each!!

Beautiful antique nightgowns that I an currently wearing

and fabulous extra large European monogrammed napkins and cloths.

old embroidery thread in a sweet box

adorable children's plastic hangers

more too.......


  1. oooh love it all, esp that vintage thread box! Scarlett x

  2. Gorgeous! The ladle must be a rare find? Tam x

  3. Such great things! Is it easy to find this stuff or do you have a really great eye?

  4. Anonymous21 June, 2011

    I love the thread box too, but they all look like great finds!

  5. Wow, what great finds! The cutlery looks fantastic, and I love the monogrammed napkins.The nightwear and choir boys robes look beautiful too.
    Thanks for showing!
    Gill x

  6. I wear French linen shifts as dresses...some I have dyed in pretty colours....love your cutlery too.
    Julie x

  7. Oh I am so envious! J'adore les linges Francaises!

  8. beautiful finds, especially the cloth items. France is supposed to be amazing for vintage hunting and you seem to have proved it!!

  9. Love all your treasures especially those choir robes. Thank you so much for sharing.

  10. How fun! Great finds. I bet you had an amazing adventure!


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