05 June 2011

Brickworks Farmers Market..a bitter disappointment .

I was so looking forward to starting up again at the Brickworks Farmers Market...its my favorite market stall. But this year 'non food' has been moved to the opposite side of the parking lot into a joyless indoor space (the farmers are in a covered out door area). No one knows we are there. I was lead to believe there would be crowds (very little traffic) a cafe (none) and music (a tinny boom box, no live music) and there are only eight vendors.
I quite understand that, first and foremost, it is a farmers market, but there were several spaces available in that area and some of that space appeared to be used for parking.
So very disappointing.

But, lets try to make the best of this dismal situation. My neighbors, Demi Luna, were helpful and very pleasant.. I bought some lavender seeds from them to make into sachets.

and DiBa jewelry was there, Dianne was showing some fantastic pieces, all using recycled vintage components...just up my line.

The day was not very good for me....but I could blame it on the tremendous downpour and storm. I did have a couple of regular customers by who had come specially to see me.....how I love my return clients.
The season has been paid for ( a requirement) so hopefully we will be able to build some traffic somehow. We will have to put our thinking caps on.
I really miss the lively atmosphere of the market and bartering with the farmers , not to mention doing my grocery shopping.


  1. Lovely blog! I am going to enjoy reading your posts....love vintage textiles. Good luck with the Farmers' Market.

  2. location, location, location. :(

  3. Oh what a shame!! Maybe its time for you to organise a great one.(so says the woman who thinks it herself and does nothing lol)

  4. What a disappointment for you all. Maybe better signage by the organisers to get people over?
    Can tell you how to do the collages if you use Picasa as thats where i do them!
    Let me know!
    Have a great week.
    Gill xx

  5. What a dissapointing day for you..love your friends belts ;)

  6. In answer to your question Dobbed- to tell on (in this case telling on myself lol) maybe its an Aussie word?

  7. Such a shame that it wasnt the best day for you, hoping for lots of traffic and sales next time! Scarlett x

  8. Hope it changes...and soon. xoxo

  9. such a shame that your annual event has been spoilt by this...and thankyou so much for all the encouraging comments, I really appreciate them all.


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