19 June 2011

Fixed, but not washed yet

Images from last week. I am not allowed to blog whilst at the cabin as it takes too many megabytes or something.
I mended this 'square in a square' depression era quilt, it has a nice small scale and a scrappy look, just up my line.

But, ran out of soaking agents. I'm happy to report that having washed it in the city it has come right up. Very pleased.

The lake is awash with great swaths of yellow pine pollen, travelling and taking on new shapes constantly. My poor son has acute allergies.....

The pollen is actually much brighter than the photos, I can't remember seeing so much. Perhaps here is why.

I have a lovely 30s star quilt to mend this week.


  1. The quilt has come up trumps...it's gorgeous :)

  2. I'm so sorry about those allergies. I'm fortunate not to suffer from them, but know and love some people who do. I'm glad your quilt worked out so well.

    I also understand that megabyte thing. My connection via satellite while at sea is so very slow that most sites time out before I can get them to load. Sundays I have a connection in Port Canaveral, though, and here I am. :)


  3. thanks for visiting my blog, I have put you on my favorites list, I like hearing about other people and places,and what they are doing. Not a quilter as such but find it all interesting.

  4. Anonymous20 June, 2011

    This looks like a beautiful quilt Jan.
    Wow - that pollen! I don't suffer personally but my Mr. T does. When he was a child he had to have injections every week otherwise the whites of his eyes swelled up so that he couln't see. Must have been attractive! He's not so bad anymore, just gets a sore throat and itchy eyes but that looks like an awful lot of pollen you have there.

  5. What a wonderful quilt!


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