07 June 2010

thrifting and a new home for Wally

I like to go thrifting at the beginning of the week, if I can. Today I went out for the morning, first time in well over a month. Cleaned up on 50s hand knitted curling sweaters (or Saskatchewan smoking jackets) and Irish hand knits. I also bought this beautiful English silk scarf, the sort I like with 2 selvedged edges.The old label read 'made in England by J.H.Buckingham & Co Lmt London England' I wonder if it was printed in Macclesfield. I had a wonderful day out last year at Paradise Mills and the Macclesfield silk musuem, where I was treated like a queen.

Im in love with these antique laundry labels from alpenhimmel


  1. What great finds, that scarf is gorgeous!

  2. WOW! Love the scarf. Why didn't I ever think to go "thrifting" on Mondays?? Thanks for the great idea!!

  3. Thanks so much for writing about the pearl button post and for visiting Pearl the Squirrel. Your blog is wonderful. I'll definitely be back to visit again!


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