21 June 2010

Thrifting today

I prefer to go thrifting at the beginning of the week as
a...I often work at a market on Saturdays and/or Sundays and miss the yard /rummage/jumble/bazaars/boot sales/fairs
b...because of that I like to treat Wed/Thursday as my weekend, we often go up to our little cabin mid week
c...it gives me the week to deal with the treasures..wash/mend/air/iron/ put in the 'to be dealt with' pile.

Today I bought a fabulous woven wool blanket, soft muted colors, reversible. Alas no label but I know it is fine quality, very heavy and in perfect shape.
I also picked up an elegant kaftan...sand and white fine striped silk with lovely embroidery, I will most likely keep it for myself.
More too, the usual scarf selection and some bashed up quilts...not bad, eh?

Take a look at these fantastic headpieces from Janine Basil, so much fun

1 comment:

  1. The blanket is gorgeous...and I'm a huge fan of "bashed up quilts"...I look for them in every thrift shop/garage sale/flea market!!


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