19 June 2010

another Brickworks market

A very nice day at the Evergreen Brickworks Farmers market. I set up beside St Johns Bakery, the yeasty smell made me hungry all day...mmm. My breakfast was delivered right to my booth by my favorite organic catering company, Chez Vous...I order the scrambled egg and pesto sandwich almost every week...their stand was almost opposite mine. This farmers market almost always has some kind of entertainment...today it was a lovely classical trio, they were busking. It was also National Aboriginal Day, so there were some terrific dancers and drummers...really fine.
In all a good day, the for-casted rain held off and I sold a few quilts and blankets. I quite like the scaffolding and 'work in progress' look of the site....very, very dusty, but, Hey! it is the old Brickworks.


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