14 June 2010

60s knitting patterns

Today I usually go thrifting, but I uncovered 2 big boxes of my old knitting patterns (mostly cut from Woman's Own magazines) from the 60s when I used to knit my own 'dolly bird' dresses...of course, I weighed 98lbs in those days. So I have spent most of the morning reading ....I read patterns like novels. Some of the designs are wonderful. There are a lot of old baby patterns, stitchcraft mags and I used to send away for patterns featured in newspapers. I can't bear to throw them out. Perhaps if I tidied them up and put them in lots they would sell on etsy, Womans Own , started in 1932 is certainly not the magazine it used to be! Ah well, we shall see.


  1. Hello thanks for joining my blog ...I love those patterns too I have a STACK of old Stitchcraft magazines from the year dot that I can't bear to throw out either ......Lorna x

  2. Thanks for your comments on my blog, much appreciated. I love these 'older' things too, a bit tongue in cheek as I remember many of them first time around! I have a knitting book from WW2 which I learned to knit from (at the time!) I love your paisley shawls. Sheila


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