17 June 2010

Shawls and Hermes

last night I went to a lecture on 'how to wear shawls' at the Textile Museum of Canada, it was most disappointing, I feel I could have learnt the same thing at my local department store. So, I thought today I would look at some of my small collection of wool shawls from India. I don't know too much about them, I think most are from the 50s 60s . The pale grey/green with the pink and red embroidery is square and almost certainly pashmina...so soft, its my favorite and I wear it all the time

Its Thursday, so it must be Hermes day. This is one of my earliest 'Chateaux Histoiriques de la France...well worn, but soft and nostalgic.

1 comment:

  1. I really wish I knew more about vintage fabric. I've come across some nice fabric, but since I don't know much about them I have to pass. Hopefully some of your knowledge will "rub off" on me as I follow your blog.


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