11 August 2016

what do you know?

That very bad, Tialys,.....her name is Lynn, could not  help herself.  She just had to buy scarf 1000 from my etsy shop.

I must say the front page looks good .  Do you think 1000 sales inspires confidence?
I daresay 1001 is going to look good too.

Lynn, a blog buddy, also has some on- line shops.

LaManche, her French antique shop , she has a bold 'eye'. 

Ouafouaf - where she makes doggie accessories. Its looking good Lynn and I see you have lots of sales.
Tialys, stocked with handmade goodness

Thanks Lynn,  does this also gives me permission to buy some new stock????


  1. New stock! I wouldn't like to be the one to try and stop you ;)

  2. I have two grandchildren staying and they want to come to help me.Their idea of a day out with Nana is trolling the thrifts stores , sushi lunch and all 'finds' payed for by Nana, if course.

  3. That didn't take long. Congratulations! xxx


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