01 August 2016

Market dayzzzz

Some images from my market stall, this season at the Brickworks, here in Toronto.

I certainly have enough room and the industrial scaffolding comes in very handy,

 The summer has been very hot- too hot - perhaps ,for the sale of antique quilts and vintage blankets.

.So, quite a slow season all in all.  Most vendors, including the farmers are struggling.

The crowd is changing and I am not sure why.

Perhaps things will pick up in  September, I sure hope so.


  1. Love those little Scottie dogs! I hope things pick up for you soon Jan.

  2. Surely it's the not weather that's keeping people away, and things will pick up again once it gets colder and the nights are drawing in. Who wouldn't want to snuggle under one of your beautiful quilts come winter? xxx

    1. you are right, bring on September. ( 41 degrees yesterday....unbelievable!)

  3. I think it's definitely the heat and hopefully things will pick up in the fall. Fingers crossed!


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