28 August 2016

market morning

Sunrise along St Clair Avenue as I drive to the Brickworks Saturday morning market.  The whole street is bathed in a golden glow, but I had to wait until I stopped at the traffic light befor I got a picture.  I did not want to test my photography skills whilst driving. 

Lots of disused industrial building supplies to display my wares.

This gorgeous 19th century quilt in saturated colours was thrown over some old scaffolding.
It would look terrific in the lobby of an apartment block or office tower, but alas, no big real estate mogul came my way.

But, this customer dropped by to show me how she wears the turn of the century child's dress from Constantinople that she acquired from me a few weeks ago.

Her mum assures me the fine cotton lawn washes like a dream. Its never to early to appreciate vintage.


  1. What a great way of displaying your wares and I love the photo of that sweet child wearing that wonderful dress! xxx

  2. That little one is just plain awwww. Not only the little one, but the dress and the hat!


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