22 October 2015

Hudson's Bay blanket

There is a lot of confusion and fast growing myths about Hudson' s Bay blankets  these days 
Here are some recent conversations at market
C = customer

C- "Oh look, everyone is  knocking off Hudson Bay these days"  pointing to very nice Ottawa Valley blanket c. 1940 ( above)
M- ( keeps mouth shut)

C- I'm looking for a Hudson Bay blanket.
M- Here you go, from the 50s or so.
C- Not that, I want a real Hudson Bay , with the stripes ( 1950s blanket, above)

M- A very interesting Hudson's  Bay blanket from the 1920s or 30s
C- But this one says its made in England
M- yes, that right.
C- That's   nonsense, we all know they are made in Canada.

C- showing an overseas guest around, " only Canadians are allowed to use these colored stripes"
M- "Actually this is a 1940s Mariposa blanket from Ohio"
C- "whatever"

 I must say, whoever owns The Hudson's Bay Company there days is doing a fabulous marketing job....I believe they even print those stripes on toilet paper,


  1. Some people just don't have a clue. But toilet paper. Really?

    1. well......I have not actually seen the toilet paper, but it would not surprise me.
      I have seen socks, baby bibs, pots and pans, towels, candles, trays, and much more, Ifthey can print on it, they will.

  2. I do love the iconic Hudson's Bay stripes! And, you're right, of course--they're everywhere! I have a sweater, bath towels, and and LLBean tote bag with them! Oh, and a scarf and gloves!

  3. Those conversations just confirm that I am better off selling online only. I wouldn't be able to keep my mouth shut.

    1. sometimes I cannot....depends what kind of a mood I am in

  4. I love the blankets! Lovely stuffs. Thanks!


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