09 October 2015

Liberty scarves and more

Here are the latest thrift store finds to add to my collection of Liberty scarves

Pre war red paisley.....I am wearing it as  we speak and it is my favorite  sort of scarf. Warm, rich  colors, old and traditional. I think I have a couple more of this pattern, possibly a different size and colorway,

 1970s blue floral Liberty silk scarf!

Not a Liberty but I love it. Old Macclesfield classic print. Again pre-WW11,

I also could not resist these two Indian wool shawls with hand embroidery. A pleasure to wear and always useful.


  1. Who are these people who fling away Herm├ęs and Liberty scarves with gay abandon? Lucky for you though!

  2. wish I knew, but I have a vague idea many come from estates.


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