03 November 2015


A few days in Paris and the weather, by chance, is just what one would want it to be.

After all these years I have never been on the Bateaux Mouches before, it was the perfect excursion for my 12 year old granddaughter.

EDIT...I take that back, I was on the Bateaux Mouche about 15  years ago , it was December, there was a transport strike, the tour boats were providing the only transportation in town ( apart from taxis). I have never been so cold in my life, waiting on the damp cobblestone banks of the river for about 2 plus hours.....and this from a Canadian!


Old and young were out picnicking by the banks of the Seine

Our Paris apartment!

Back to vintage textiles next time....maybe.


  1. Wow these are beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing them

  2. Woah, amazing apartment!

    You're the third blogger I follow who's been to Paris this autumn (I went too). It's luring everyone in...

  3. I love the look of that apartment. Did you rent it from somebody you know or was it from a company such as 'My Paris Apartment' or similar?
    I would have liked to have gone to Paris for our 25th Wedding Anniversary last year but we went to Barcelona instead which was all very lovely but we drove - well I did - and ended up in the town centre on a Saturday afternoon looking for a parking space :( Not a good start although it did get better. Maybe this year.

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  5. Airbnb......in the 16th ....Passy.


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