13 September 2015

Farmers Market

Some mighty fine summer squash were to be seen at the Brickworks Farmers Market yesterday.

It has not been the very best year for me,  but I always enjoy meeting the customers and the farmers.

My pitch is down by the quarry. Above,  some vintage textiles I took with me. 1950s barkcloth, 30s damask and a Casa Pupo type rug from the 1960s .

   Vintage Aran sweaters, always a good seller,

 and I  hung some old quilts about the industrial machinery.

 This 1940s- 50s blanket, in perfect condition is from Lanark, Ontario and the river Clyde runs through it. A customer told me all about the area, I always learn something new.


  1. Sorry to hear you haven't had a great year at the market. Wonder why the sudden drop in sales.

  2. I love those vintage aran jumpers. I bought a cardigan from Etsy a few years ago - it's far too big for me but I like to snuggle in it around the house. Often, when I go to the U.K., I go to Brighton and they seem to have quite a few of these vintage aran knitwear items and I'm usually tempted although I really should knit one myself. We are harvesting our squash at the moment. Mr. T., who likes to experiment with different varieties, planted something called 'Butterbush' which is supposed to produce small sized butternut squash. Which it does. If you remember to pick it in time of course :)

  3. I think a vintage Aran sweater would be a lot cheaper than new wool, at least, here.


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