06 September 2015

Fabric picking though the ages

There is nothing my granddaughters like more than a day out with Nana.
This consists of a troll about the thrift stores and a sushi lunch.
During these forays this summer I managed to pick up for myself

a narrow - 11 inch wide- long piece of turkey red print that I am pretty sure is 19th century.

A dressmaking length of scarecrow cotton, 36" wide ...how 1930s  can you get!

and a couple of yards of  wild 1970s psychedelic cotton/ poly mix.

A nice variety don't you think?


  1. What a score! Although I did get a bit of whiplash, zipping through all those decades and styles! ;-)

  2. yes, that was strange....all in one day,but different thrifts

  3. What fun finds! Even better when your 'grands' enjoy the foray as much as you do.

  4. It's funny how the attitude towards charity shops/thrift stores etc has changed. When I was young, I wouldn't have been seen dead in one and would wait outside while Mum went in. Think of all the wonderful things I probably missed.

    1. I dot think there were many as I was growing up, austerity Britain and all that. Most items were cut down or reused.


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