27 March 2015

Tra la la

The big time..... Tra la la........ I have just sold a vintage slip  ( not this one) from my etsy shop Boutiquefantastique to

the costume department at The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.
  Will they be doing a production of A Streetcar Named Desire, in some form,  I wonder?  Wish I could have swapped it for a couple of free tickets.

A year or so ago  a gentlemens opera scarf that was listed in one of my other shop, Foulardfantastique  sold to The Metropolitan Opera costume department......I hope they used it in a performance of Tosca.


  1. I know they're doing as production of La Boheme in the summer. Scottish Ballet are doing 'Streetcar'. I'd love to go and see it. Your shops are filled to the brim with delicious things!

  2. A ballet of 'Streetcar' would be terrific and the Scottish Ballet is excellent. I am off the see " Alice in Wonderland" with the National Ballet of Canada this afternoon!!

  3. Get you and your fancy ways!
    Well done - it could be 'by appointment to Her Majesty' next.

  4. ooooh - how exciting! Congratulations.


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