20 March 2015

a french blanket label

A surprise was waiting for me when I arrived home from New Zealand.

A French blanket label for my collection. A gift from my blog buddy Lynn.
Its a super label and a first for my collection that is woven in four colours.

Lynn has a couple of etsy shops, and will open a third soon where she will custom make dog collars ( she is an animal aficionado with a very soft heart)
 She also writes a very lively blog about her life and sewing adventures in France. I am a regular follower.

Thank you so much....blog buddies are the best.


  1. Sometimes I think blog friends 'get' you better than what your family does and can find treasures that make your heart sing. Lovely label for your collection!

  2. Oh Jan, I'm so pleased you like it. I took it off a blanket I bought in the Charity Shop for use in one of my dog's beds and put it on the side for ages before I got round to posting it as I wasn't sure it was good enough for your collection. I didn't realise multiple colours were a rarity but now I know I'll keep my eyes open for others.


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