15 March 2015

Saturday morning

A trip to New Zealand would not be complete without a  Nelson Saturday morning market post.

Somehow, on this trip I did not manage to snap many wonderful food stands, though I was glad to find my favorite fruit, The Black Doris plum, still in season.

I bought Olivers present at Pipimoomoo and I was very much taken by the hand carved walking sticks.

 As usual the woodwork is spectacular ....I think I must photograph this booth every year.

The local Pearlie was out collecting with her usual good humor.

As were the boys from Takaka with their  gin. Please note the empty sample glasses in the foreground! It was only 9.30 am!

 One Saturday morning the local Morris dancers were performing in the town but became

so tired they had to retire to a local bar cafe in Trafalgar Street to restore their spirits.

It's so incongruous that the Morris dancers are doing their thing outside the Starbucks on the other the other side of the world..........makes me smile.


  1. I enjoyed seeing the wooden pieces - I love the bowls and Jack would be enthralled with all those walking sticks.

  2. And I thought I was the only one who took gin with my cornflakes ;)


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