30 December 2014

scarf for December

My choice for December is any old Liberty scarf from my collection.

Chosen not because I particularly love it ( though I do ) or wear it more than any other Liberty scarf , but because it happens to be the one I am wearing today.

Its a never ending delight to shove my hand - or arm-  into one of my Liberty scarf boxes and pull out something just right. Always luscious colors, always a pleasing design, always something new to discover.
Plus I don't have to think about wearing anything but black pants and top

I have over 800 Liberty scarves and I don't intend to stop collecting any time soon.


  1. 800 Liberty scarves! Good grief Jan, you should write a book!

  2. Yes....a book! That would be amazing!

  3. Beautiful scarf and I always enjoy seeing your wonderful collection. Happy New Year

  4. A beautiful scarf with a very festive feel. I bet you look the bees knees. Happy New Year x

  5. Such a positive colour-gorgeous

  6. They are beautiful--and especially this signal red with the sky blue--such joyful colors!


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