05 December 2014


The quince jelly was late this year.  As usual I received a basket of fruit from my friend Sandy that she pinches from her neighbor.

But this year our own quince bush produced  six huge quince.....the first time it has fruited and it is 15 years old!

Also put up are 5 - 6 jars of quince chutney, from a recipe by Lucy Waverman in The Globe and Mail.  Have not tasted it yet but it was dead simple.
Unfortunately I took the jelly off the boil a few minutes too soon and the first couple of jars have not set that well.
There is nothing like a few jars of preserves to give one a sense of satisfaction.


  1. I used to do a lot of preserving and pickling and loved it, but now that it's just the two of us there's no need for it. We don't have any sort of storage option in the apartment either, so it's not worth the effort. I do miss pickling though.

  2. Oh good, there is hope for our quince which flowers beautifully every year but hasn't fruited yet.
    I have a jar of quince jelly from a friend but haven't tried it yet - not sure what to eat it with really.
    My husband is the jam and chutney maker in our house with me in charge of the lemon curd.

    1. never tried curd, I saw Nigel Slater make some last night on TV, looks a bloody fiddle.
      Quince jelly is great with lamb, pork or poultry. I also love it with eggs and bacon.....or on a grilled cheese sandwich, or with any cheese


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