10 December 2014

95 cents well spent

Marja, my old friend, had mentioned that her local thrift store was having a sale of vintage needlework items. I paid her a visit in the east end of the city. I overshot two turnoffs  on my way out there and got lost on the way home!

This thrift store knows what they are doing.... Alas,  the special display  of old needle craft had been up for two weeks and, of course, completely picked over.

But I found some patterns that I have not got, the booklet has the cover and center pages missing, and about 25 grams of old 3 ply wool.

I spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying  reading the patterns and plotting  my next project. Cheaper than a movie or a coffee at Starbucks!

 95 cents well spent.


  1. Oh the thrill of the thrift store hunt! Sounds like you doubled the thrills by getting lost too.

  2. Aah, those angelic looking children. Knitted shorts! Those were the days.

  3. I think the kid bottom right became a history teacher ( at least, that what he looks like to me)


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